Zoleo Satellite Communicator: Zoleos latest device offers better battery life

By now, we know that Samsung has built the Galaxy S6, the first handset to offer a removable battery, the Galaxy Note 7, and now the Galaxy Solo.

And now it looks like the company is working on another smartphone, the Zoleon Satellite Communicators, which is meant to offer the same battery life as the Solo.

The device, which we first heard about in May, was revealed by a new patent filed in Japan today.

The filing describes how the Zoless latest smartphone, which Samsung is calling the Zolera, will offer up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

That’s the same as the 7 Plus and 6 Plus, which both offer 6 hours of power.

Samsung says the device will also support a “non-communicable” (NCE) communication capability that can be enabled via an app on the device.

Samsung claims the ZOLera will also have a dual camera that’s capable of shooting 1080p videos.

That said, the company doesn’t detail the specifications of the device just yet.

According to the filing, the device’s dimensions are 8.4mm thick, measuring 6.2mm in diameter, and measuring 6mm in height.

It’s powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor that runs at up to 2.9GHz, 2GB of RAM, and a 64GB microSD card slot.

There’s also a 2,100mAh battery inside, though that’s only one percent of the phone’s battery capacity.

The Zoleras main drawback is its price tag: the device is priced at 5,990 yen (about $649).

That’s roughly $300 more than the Solo, which starts at 4,980 yen ($619).

The Zoleons latest smartphone is expected to launch in March, but we’ll likely hear more about the device in the coming months.

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