Why is Italy’s media struggling?

L’Equipe report, 25 December 2018: The media are in the midst of a crisis.

The current situation is quite different from the crisis in 2017.

Media are faced with the possibility of a mass protest, which would be extremely disruptive.

It would be even more difficult to hold a mass media rally, because there would be too many media outlets involved.

However, the new situation does not mean that the media are incapable of doing their jobs.

The media have shown a great amount of commitment in supporting the protest movement.

A large number of media outlets, which traditionally support politicians and their parties, are now supporting the protests.

The crisis in the media is the result of the political instability in the country.

The only way to resolve the crisis is for the president to resign and for the resignation to be ratified by a popular referendum.

There is no need to call on the media to give in to the protesters.

The situation is already a serious one, and this is not a matter of just one day or one week.

In the context of a political crisis, there are two ways to react: to be passive, or to be active.

I think it is necessary to call out the media’s negligence.

The government’s reaction to the protests has been a total failure.

The country is in the throes of a national crisis, and the media should have responded by working hard to calm things down.

The new media situation has already begun to weaken the country’s democratic legitimacy.

The problem is not the media, but the political elites who are making a mockery of the media.

In my opinion, the current situation should not be considered as a new event.

There are two possibilities to address the crisis: 1.

The prime minister must resign.

The president should do the same.

This will give a good opportunity for a political dialogue.


The next government must be formed by the new parliament, which must be constituted by a coalition.

This is the only way out.

I cannot imagine a scenario where there would not be a need for a referendum, which could result in the formation of a new government.

The public mood is in a bad way, and we need to address this problem.

The latest polls show that the support for the protest is still very low.

The protests are only going to grow and grow, but we have to work to bring the situation under control.

I don’t know if it is possible for the situation to improve.

I do not think that the public is ready for a mass resignation, but I think there are some who are ready for this.

It’s not a question of a few days, but a matter for weeks.

We need to do everything we can to help the protest leaders.

The best way to achieve that is by using all the tools available to us, including political pressure, the media and the electoral campaign.

[The journalist’s first name has been changed to protect the identity of the source]

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