Why I am going to charter a communication system for the Arab world

In a few short months, a group of young people are going to create the first global communication system, the charter communications.

I spoke to the founders, including a former Israeli police officer and a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency, to find out more.

The charter communications will be designed to help Palestinians live in peace with their Israeli brothers and sisters, said the founder, Ahmed Al-Khalifa.

I want to send a message that the Arab and Muslim world can’t be divided by the hatred of Israel.

I also want to show the world that Palestinians are not only human beings but also have a right to live in dignity, he added.

Al-Khanifa is the founder of the Palestinian Charter Communication Group (PCCG), which is launching its charter communications system in partnership with Israeli NGO, Palestinian Center for Development and Human Rights (PDCHR).

The group, which was founded last month, plans to create a global communication network for the Palestinian people, as well as for other Arab and Middle Eastern countries.

Al-Khalidi, an Israeli police veteran who served in the Israeli army, said it was a dream of his to build a global network to improve the lives of Palestinians, who have been the victims of the systematic Israeli occupation of their land.

Al Khalifa said that while the charter is meant to help Palestinian communities, it is also intended to bring together people from all countries.

The charter will help people in other Arab countries, especially countries like Lebanon and Tunisia, which are still in a state of war.

The Palestinian Charter Communications Group is one of a number of initiatives to create global communication systems for the region, and the founders have also set up a website, www.al-khalifa-touristes-charter-communications-group.com, where they plan to offer updates on the project.

Al Khalfas team is currently working on building the infrastructure of the system, with plans to launch a pilot project in Morocco and the Palestinian territories.

The founders hope to build the system by early 2017, and hope to be able to expand to other Arab states, which have also been the victim of a brutal Israeli occupation for decades.

The Arab countries were left without a voice in the UN, and they have not been able to receive much support from the international community.

In the past, the international organization has not given them enough resources to support their work, according to Al Khalifa.

I am not afraid to go on this journey because it is the only way that I can continue to be part of a global movement.

Al Khalifas family has been living in a refugee camp for many years, but he has been able get an Israeli visa to visit his family in the West Bank and to work.

He said that since he was a child, he was taught to respect the Palestinian culture and its traditions.

He added that he believes the Arab countries should be allowed to develop their own culture, and not be restricted to what the Israeli government wants to impose on them.

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