Why do people get sick? What can you do about it?

The infectious diseases definitions are confusing.

It’s not clear what they mean.

The new definition says a disease can be infectious if it can be transmitted from person to person and, for example, if a person who has a cold has a virus in their body that causes a cold.

But it’s also not clear how contagious a disease is and if there is a way to identify the cause.

There are three ways that we can look for infectious disease: when a person is sick or is at risk of getting sick, and how infectious they are, the symptoms, and the time of the illness.

What counts as infectious disease is important because it determines how we manage the spread of infections and how long we can treat those who are ill.

It is also important to know what people can and can’t get vaccinated against, as well as how to avoid getting sick from these types of infections.

The new CDC definitions are being introduced as part of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly meeting in New York.

The WHO is asking people to share their own experiences with infectious disease.

If you or someone you know has symptoms of infectious disease, the best way to contact the doctor is to call 911 and report the symptoms.

You can also contact your local emergency medical service, a public health department, or a hospital emergency department.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to an infectious disease you should contact your doctor or a healthcare provider immediately.

To help people with symptoms, some hospitals offer vaccinations and tests for some infectious diseases.

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