Which states are hiring the most workers for communications jobs?

The United States has seen a steady rise in the number of people employed as communications workers over the past decade.

The number of jobs has risen from just under 1.1 million in 2000 to 1.6 million in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But the growth has been uneven, with some states seeing a boom while others see a dip in hiring.

Here’s a look at which states have seen the biggest growth in their jobs market over the last decade.1.

Louisiana – 3,724The state has seen the largest increase in its job market in the last 10 years.

Louisiana has seen more than 1.2 million people become employed as Communications Workers of America employees.

Since 2003, the state has added more than 725,000 jobs.

The state added more jobs in 2013 than in 2002, according, though this is still only an increase of roughly 8,000.2.

Kentucky – 2,936The state is in the middle of a major recession, with jobless rates reaching a record high of 11.6% in the state.

Kentucky added more people as a Communications Workers Association employee in 2013 that it had in 2002.

The unemployment rate has been on the decline since 2010, though.3.

Mississippi – 2 and 1/2 millionThe number of employees employed as a Communication Workers of American employee jumped from 2,824 in 2003 to 2,916 in 2013.

The job market has remained relatively strong over the years, with the state seeing a 2.4% increase in employment in 2013 over 2012.4.

Texas – 2.9 millionAs of 2013, there were more than 2.5 million Communications Workers’ of America jobs in Texas.

The city of Dallas had the highest job growth rate in the country in 2013 with a 2,963% increase.

The Texas job market is still among the nation’s fastest growing.5.

California – 2 millionCalifornia is a relatively small state, but it has been a growing market for Communications Workers.

The State added 1.8 million Communications Jobs in 2013 as compared to 1 million in 2002 and 1.7 million in 2001.6.

Maryland – 2 MillionThe state of Maryland added a whopping 2 million Communications Job employees in 2013 compared to 2.2 in 2002 when the state had just over 200,000 workers.

The Maryland job market grew by nearly 8% in 2013 when compared to the state’s overall job growth of 5.6%.7.

Illinois – 1.3 millionThe state added a record number of Communications Jobs employees in 2011.

The first year in which the state added that many Communications Jobs was in 2013 after the state posted the lowest job growth in history of the economy in 2001 with just a 1.5% increase over 2001.8.

Delaware – 1 millionThe Delaware job market was the largest in the nation in 2013 by a long shot, with 1.9 out of every 100,000 employees employed.

The Delaware job growth has also been the fastest of any state in the union.9.

Maine – 1 MillionThe largest job growth from the state of Maine was in Communications Jobs.

The Maine job market rose by 1.4 million in 2014 over 2013.10.

North Dakota – 900,000The largest increase from the largest job market for a state in North Dakota was in the Communications Workers from the Communications Employees of America union, which saw a 2 million increase in the year that followed.11.

Texas A&M – 900kThe largest change in the size of the job market from a state of the union came from the Communication Workers from United Communications Workers in Texas, which added 900,001 employees in 2014.12.

New York – 800kThe New York job market saw the largest change of any in the United States in 2013 because of a spike in the amount of Communications Workers who were employed.13.

Hawaii – 600kThe Hawaii job market experienced a massive spike in hiring over the next five years as the state created more Communications Workers, as well as a surge in jobs for the state as a whole.

Hawaii added 1,049,000 Communications Jobs workers in 2013 and 1,026,000 in 2012.14.

South Carolina – 600KThe South Carolina job market expanded by an average of 815,000 a year over the five years from 2002 to 2013.15.

Florida – 600,000Florida’s job market remained stable in 2013 while the state saw an increase in jobs across the board, including for the private sector.

The Florida job market had a total of 2.6 Million Communications Jobs added between 2002 and 2013.16.

Indiana – 550,000In 2013, the Indiana state lost nearly 6,000 Communication Jobs employees due to the Great Recession.17.

West Virginia – 450,000West Virginia was the third state in West Virginia to lose 1,400 Communications Jobs jobs in the first five years of the recession.18.

Montana – 450kMontana lost 1,370 Communications Jobs