Which of the three ‘Google’ charter communications stocks is right for you?

Google Charter Communications (NASDAQ: GOOG) shares have risen this week amid the company’s earnings, as the company continues to fight for investors’ trust amid concerns about its “Google” brand.

The stock gained more than 9% in premarket trading Thursday, but is down more than 10% over the past week.

The company said it would spend about $1.3 billion on capital expenditures in 2017, a move that analysts say is a signal of its commitment to capital expenditures as it continues to focus on a new “Google.”

The stock is down nearly 9% over this past week, and is down less than 1% over all time highs.

“Google has done a great job over the last two years of making capital investments,” said J.P. Gow, president of Gow, which owns the company and manages about 1.2 billion shares of GOOGL.

The move is “a reflection of the strong capital position and growth of the company over the long term,” he added.

GOOGS stock is up over 6% this year, and has surged more than 5% since its record high of $14.96 on Jan. 17.

However, this is only one example of how Google’s “Google Search” brand has continued to grow over the years.

The search engine giant has also built a robust “Google X” division, which provides software and services to enterprises.

GONews has also gained about 5% this past year, while the tech-heavy stock is just 2% above its record low of $19.87 last year.

“There is clearly a strong investment environment,” said Gow.

“We are seeing a significant amount of capital expenditure in the Google space and we believe that this will continue to grow.

This will help the company grow, but also help investors to understand that Google is in it for the long haul.”GOOG shares are down nearly 6% over their long-term average over the previous year, but have gained about 8% in 2017.

In a note, Gow said the investment strategy of GONews core business has been successful in the past and “there are many potential opportunities in the future.”

“We remain focused on growth, and are seeing more and more value generated from this business, as well as a more diversified portfolio of assets, including technology assets, and other assets,” he said.

The Google brand has been on a rollercoaster ride in the last year, as investors feared the search giant was turning into a company of its own.

After the company lost $200 million last quarter, many investors were worried about the company becoming a “giant” and “overvalued” company.

While Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is not yet a holding company, it is an entity with significant resources and assets.

The board has also faced criticism for its slow response to Alphabet’s IPO, which was delayed for nearly three years, and for its stock-market valuations that failed to keep pace with other companies.

Google has also had to deal with several controversies over the months.

The Internet giant was accused of misleading investors about the size of its acquisition of Nest, a maker of home automation devices, and was accused by some investors of being too cozy with the Chinese government.

While many of the accusations were dropped, the company is still under investigation for alleged violations of US antitrust laws.

Alphabet has also come under fire for a slew of privacy and data privacy violations, which have forced it to lay off thousands of employees and slash spending.

The changes have caused a ripple effect through Google’s stock.

“The Google Search and Google X divisions are not independent, they are part of a larger company,” Gow said.

“This gives investors a greater understanding of the underlying strength of the Alphabet company and the importance of the investment in Google and its underlying products.”

Investors should expect more changes in 2017 for GONEWs stock, as it is up nearly 8% this week.

“Given the uncertainty surrounding the future of Google and Alphabet, investors should continue to monitor the market and the underlying fundamentals,” Gow concluded.

“GONews stock is undervalued and is on a steep downward curve.”