When will I be able to buy a ticket to a game?

Posted October 06, 2018 06:24:30The AFL is expected to issue a statement later today, on the day that the CBA is due to be finalised, confirming that the next round of negotiations is set to commence.

The announcement will not be made public until the final day of the negotiations, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 11.

However, a spokesman for the AFL has confirmed to ESPN the following:AFL chairman Greg Groom will make the announcement during a live radio interview on SEN radio on Saturday.

It is not yet known when the AFL will make public its position on the proposed changes to the CPA.

The changes will be brought forward in the next two days, after the CAB’s final report is released.

They are expected to include a move to limit the salary cap to the top 30 per cent of all teams and increase the maximum salary cap.

Players’ representatives, who are also in talks to strike a new deal, are expected on Friday to announce their positions on the new CBA.

What will happen when the CFL starts?

The AFL has already issued a warning to fans on social media, saying the CPL will end on Monday, November 1.

The CFL will end after the AFL finalised its negotiation agreement with the AFL and AFL players union.

Will it end before the AFL is finished?

The CPL’s contract expires on Sunday, November 11.

If the CBL is the last season before the CSL comes into force, the AFL may not be able buy tickets for a game before the final round of bargaining is complete.

The AFL and CPL have had a very productive and constructive relationship.

They are also very close and there is a lot of confidence in our ability to work together.

If there are other options that are available to us, we will work hard to make sure that there is one that best meets the needs of our players.

There are other opportunities to participate in a CPL.

We are not ruling anything out.

We will be seeking further information on this in the days ahead.

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