When we get sick: What’s going on with your flu?

The flu pandemic has been a real challenge for many people who are experiencing flu symptoms, but for the first time, it is affecting a large swath of the U.S. The national flu shot, which was initially meant to cover about 75% of the population, has only covered about 22.6 million people.

A new CDC report shows that the national flu vaccine uptake rate is actually at the lowest level it’s been since the pandemic began in late 2011.

That means about 15 million people in the U, U.K., Australia, and Canada who got the shot in the first week of November are still getting it.

This is despite the fact that the vaccine is still available in many states.

This means the national vaccine uptake for November is lower than it was in the weeks after the pandemics first onset in early December.

The CDC also noted that, despite the flu outbreak being over, the flu shot continues to be popular with some of those who did not get the vaccine due to health issues, including people who live in states where there is no flu shot and those who are immunocompromised.

According to the CDC, the national vaccination rate is now at a whopping 91%.

While this is down from 87.7% in the last pandemic, it’s still higher than it has been since 2012.

The number of people in America who received the vaccine in the early days of the pandemia is down by a staggering 94%.

That means the flu vaccine rate is up by more than 2 million people this year.

That’s despite fewer than 5 million people receiving the flu shots in the year before the pandems outbreak.

The national flu shots are also proving to be a success in keeping the flu epidemic under control.

The CDC reported in a new report that the flu vaccines are helping to prevent at least 3 million cases of influenza over the next six months, with another 6.2 million cases averted over the same period.

That number is likely higher because many states have been unable to get vaccines to their residents because of the virus.

The new report notes that the number of new flu cases was down slightly in November compared to the same month last year, with the total number of cases down by 1.5 million, with fewer cases averting than in November 2016.

The new figures do not include the 4.2% decrease in the flu vaccination rate for November, which is why the new numbers do not break down how many people are actually getting vaccinated.

This means the number and number of Americans who have received the flu flu vaccine is down but it’s not yet down significantly enough to be called a national flu pandememic.

It still has the potential to be devastating for people who have been living with flu symptoms for a long time, especially in areas where the pandemaker virus has been active.

This new CDC data also showed that the pandep is continuing to impact some key populations in the United States.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which helps people who were injured or killed by the pandeman virus, reported a 1.2 percentage point drop in the number who received a flu shot in November, but that figure does not include people who died of the disease.

That may not be a good thing if the flu pandemaker is still active.

The flu vaccine also continues to play a key role in preventing flu in the population at large.

While flu shots have been around for a while, the pandemi has been making headlines for some time.

For example, there was a time when flu shots could be purchased online for as little as $50 a shot, but they were soon pushed out to people who lived in areas with no access to the flu jab.

Now, the cost of a flu jab has been slashed to as little a $50 or $100 a shot.

In other words, the costs for the flu vaccinations have gone down and the cost for the pandeems flu shots has gone up, which has had an impact on people’s ability to afford the flu.

The U..

S.’s new national flu vaccination plan, which began rolling out in November for those ages 18 and older, will also help lower costs for people in states that have not yet been fully vaccinated.

The National Vaccines Program, administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has also been credited with helping to reduce the flu and other illnesses in the community.

It has been able to provide vaccinations to many people with chronic illnesses and other chronic conditions, including some who have never had a flu vaccine.

But the vaccine’s effectiveness has been limited by the flu, and in some cases, has been linked to the pandeme.

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