What happened to our communication breakdown?

The American communications system has suffered a significant outage since December 14.

The reason is a virus called Cox Communications Inc. CCC, -0.80% Cox Communications Corp. CMCSA, -2.31% has infected a huge number of the American Internet infrastructure.

Cox is one of the world’s largest providers of broadband internet and cable TV services.

The virus has also been spreading through the Internet backbone of a number of large ISPs, including Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable company.

A number of ISPs have said they are facing outages due to CCC.

For example, Comcast has said it is experiencing outages on the West Coast, as well as on the East Coast.

Comcast says it is investigating whether its fiber optic cables are being affected.

On Friday, Comcast announced it is upgrading its infrastructure to handle CCC threats.

We have a system in place to protect customers from this virus and we are working closely with the FCC, the Department of Justice, and other federal, state, and local authorities to protect our customers and protect our networks from these threats.

The Department of Commerce is also working to determine if we have any residual effects from CCC attacks.

But that doesn’t mean the American communications infrastructure is entirely safe.

One of the biggest questions people have been asking is why is the system so slow?

It’s been said that it’s because of a major flaw in the software that runs the Internet, which was designed to allow the internet to function.

According to an FCC report, a software bug could have allowed a large number of CCC-infected websites to load.

Some of the affected websites include: CNN, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Yahoo!, and CNNMoney.

In a statement to the FCC this week, Comcast said the flaw is fixed.

The company said it “has implemented a system-wide fix” for the problem.

Other companies are also reporting that they are experiencing outage issues.

For example, Facebook Inc. FB, +0.35% says its network is suffering from outages as the virus is spreading through its network.

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