The Sport bible

I am the Sport Bible, a project by my friends in The Rugby Football Club of Australia.

It is our hope to educate people about the sport of rugby and our role in supporting players in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Our aim is to empower the next generation of rugby players, both young and old, to become more aware of the role they play in helping their teams achieve success and build long-term loyalty.

To that end, the Sport Bibles is our first publication.

The Sport Bible was designed by rugby league legend David Pocock and is a collaborative effort between rugby league players, coaches and experts.

In this project, we wanted to create an interactive experience that made it easy to read and understand.

With the help of a team of passionate and passionate writers and illustrators, the aim is for the Sport bible to provide a great education for fans of the game, to give the world a better understanding of the sport and its players.

The result is an accessible resource that will help people enjoy the sport, its stars and their accomplishments.

The Sports Bible will be available to download at the start of the 2018 season and available through all 2018 Rugby League World Cup events and competitions, including the 2019 World Cup.

It will also be available as a print book in July 2019.

You can download the SportBible app for iOS or Android.

For more information, please visit the Sport website.

The Rugby League Club of Canada (RLCC) was formed in 2001 and is the first professional rugby league club in Canada.

It has a global membership, has an active club and community, and hosts many community events.

The RLCC is based in Toronto, Canada and is affiliated with the International Rugby League Board of Directors.

We are a professional rugby union (PRU) club based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

For details on our team, please see the RLCCC Rugby League Facebook page.

Rugby League Canada has a full-time and part-time staff of 12, with a dedicated volunteer based in London, Ontario.

For further information on the Rugby League game, please contact our Rugby League Communications Team.

We’re all about the people and about the game.

That’s why we work to make sure you’re getting the information you need.

Thank you for supporting the Rugby Football Team.

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