Why don’t we talk about technology in the context of organisation?

An article from the Australian Financial Commission on organisational communication, communication technologies and communication networks.The article is based on research conducted for the article.The article also looks at the role that technology plays in the organisation and the impact of technological change.The topic of technology is a common theme in many of the articles in […]

Transactional communications: What’s the science?

Transactual communications are an emerging new category of communications that rely on a central data channel that allows for the transmission of data across a network of devices, usually smartphones, to be sent and received.These devices are often connected to one another via wireless or wired networks.As a result, transactional information is usually sent across […]

How to play the next New Wave?

I recently spent an afternoon on a flight with my husband and a group of friends, playing New Wave, a multiplayer game from the New Wave team.The game is essentially a game of tag, which involves playing two opponents at once in the same room, as opposed to tag.The gameplay is simple, but there are […]