Iridium launches Iridium NEXT network in 2018, launches its own data center

Iridium is in the early stages of launching a new communications network for its customers that will use its own equipment.The company announced Thursday that it is expanding its Iridium Next network to the U.S. and Canada.It will be able to operate in the U., U.K. and Mexico, and will be a joint venture between […]

Why I am going to charter a communication system for the Arab world

In a few short months, a group of young people are going to create the first global communication system, the charter communications.I spoke to the founders, including a former Israeli police officer and a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency, to find out more.The charter communications will be designed to help Palestinians live in […]

Why Hydrocephalus is Common: How to Talk About It

Hydrocephalism is a rare condition where water flows through the brain and spinal cord causing paralysis.It can affect children, adults, the elderly, and even animals.This article will cover the basics of communication and how to communicate with a loved one with hydrocephalics.1.What Is Hydrocephalitis?Hydrocephalitis is a type of brain damage caused by dehydration.The water that […]