The New Wave Communications, D&P Communications, and Taylor Communications are all part of the new wave of media consolidation

NEW YORK (AP) New wave media consolidation is beginning.It’s happening in a handful of key sectors.Comcast is joining a handful other companies that are buying media companies, including Tribune Media, which owns The Associated Press and other news organizations.Time Warner Inc. and Viacom Inc. are buying Tribune Media and Viasat Communications.Other new wave acquisitions include […]

How the US’s biggest telecoms companies used their dominant position to block access to the internet

CNN (CNN)  – The US telecoms industry has become the largest single source of digital censorship in the world, according to a report from the digital rights group Access Now. Access Now found that in 2014, US-based telecommunications companies blocked access to some 7.5 billion websites in the United States, and blocked access in the majority of […]