How To Prevent The ‘Unnecessary’ Transmission Of Social Distress To Your Family And Friends

What if you want to keep your social networks and messages secure and private?This is a common problem for users.And it is not just a problem with Facebook.It’s also an issue with all of our social media apps.This article first appeared on the Buzzfeed Tech blog.

How Star Trek Communicator’s John Leeson and the Next Generation’s Leeson won’t be a part of a new film

“What’s happening in the world?”I ask him.“A lot of things.It’s a whole bunch of different things.”Leeson, a star in his own right who has played Starfleet commander and captain of the starship Enterprise, is one of the most well-known faces of the Trek franchise.In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Leeson played Lt.Commander Benjamin Sisko.And in […]