What you need to know about the Cox Communications outage

The Cox Communications service interruption is affecting millions of Canadians and the telecoms company is scrambling to repair the problem.The outage is affecting about 1.5 million homes in the country, including 1.1 million in Calgary.It also affects millions of other people in the Calgary area.The company says it is working to restore the service and […]

How to get back online in an outage

A massive telecommunications outage in China, as well as widespread outages of Internet connectivity in other countries, have left many citizens without access to their internet access.The damage has already been severe, and in many cases, even caused major social and economic disruption.The problem began when China’s National Internet Information Centre (NIC) reported on Wednesday […]

What happened to our communication breakdown?

The American communications system has suffered a significant outage since December 14.The reason is a virus called Cox Communications Inc. CCC, -0.80% Cox Communications Corp. CMCSA, -2.31% has infected a huge number of the American Internet infrastructure.Cox is one of the world’s largest providers of broadband internet and cable TV services.The virus has also been […]