How to join the ranks of a media mogul and join the digital revolution

NEW DELHI: In a year that saw the birth of a new breed of media mogul, a new wave of Indian media giants are joining the digital age, with some taking to the skies and others moving their operations from offices to remote locations.Here are the top stories from across India in 2018 and beyond, […]

What is the best job in the next 10 years? The most important job you need to know

I think I know what it is.I think it’s the communications major jobs.This is the biggest opportunity for you to get the education that will be the foundation for what you do in the future.And that is an incredible opportunity.And I think that the opportunities are so great, that if you have the right education, […]

Twitter to invest $4.5M to improve communications infrastructure

Twitter will invest $2.5 million over three years to invest in its infrastructure and software in order to support increased communications with more users and increase engagement among its users, the company announced Thursday.“We’re working hard to get the most out of our communication capabilities, and are excited to announce that we’re committed to supporting […]