South Central Communications: What You Need To Know About New Wave’s New Wave Podcast

A new wave podcast, South Central, launched on Tuesday, February 15.

It’s a monthly podcast where hosts Adam and Jason will talk about all things new wave and other music, with a focus on music and podcasting.

The new wave show will focus on topics ranging from New Wave, the genre, and other indie music, as well as a wide range of topics in the world of music.

It’ll be a monthly program and is free to listen to for all listeners.

The first episode will focus in on the genre New Wave.

It will focus mostly on new wave, but also covers some of the most popular music in the genre today, like the likes of Coldplay, Kaskade, and more.

Adam and Jeroen are also releasing a book called New Wave: The Definitive Guide to New Wave Music, and have even written a book for kids.

New Wave is a genre that has grown a bit more mainstream over the last few years.

The genre is a loose collection of influences that have combined to create something new and exciting.

It combines a strong pop sensibility, a strong DIY ethos, and a great attitude towards the arts.

This style of music is often referred to as New Wave or Indie, though there are also a lot of musicians and artists that call themselves New Wave as well.

New wave has been on the rise in recent years and has seen its share of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, and Chance the Rapper.

Adam says that New Wave started with the New Yorker, and that New wave is a very diverse genre that can be easily enjoyed by anyone who likes pop, rock, funk, hip hop, and anything else.

New waves popularity has skyrocketed in the last year.

In 2016, New Wave surpassed the pop music category and it has now surpassed the rock music category.

This trend is definitely a good thing, because it has made the new wave genre more accessible to a wider audience.

Adam told Mashable that the genre has a lot to offer, especially with new artists like Chance and Kendrick Lamar coming into the scene.

He also mentioned that a lot has changed in the past couple years, and it’s hard to pick just one thing to look at and call a new wave artist.

He said that there’s more room for a lot more music.

“A lot of bands are now more accessible,” he said.

“I mean, there’s a lot less barriers to entry in terms of where you can listen to a new album.

There are some things that were just so, so difficult before.

I mean, that’s something I was talking about last week when I said I think the music scene is better for a new artist.

And so the new music scene for a New Wave artist is very much more accessible and more accessible for people to listen.

Newwave is definitely one of the best ways to listen, and they’ve done a great job at reaching out to an audience that is often overlooked by mainstream music.

The show will be on a weekly basis and will be available for listeners to listen on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

The podcast is currently available for $1.99.

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