‘Parenthood’: Is ‘Parks and Recreation’ getting a spin-off?

MTV News has exclusively learned that ‘Pawn Stars’ creator Mike Judge is working on a spinoff series that would revolve around the kids of ‘Paw Patrol’.

According to the insider, the new series will star a younger version of Pawn Star’s character, and feature an ensemble cast of the show’s characters.

‘Parry Stars’ is a sitcom written and directed by Judge and written by ‘PW’ co-creator Chris McKenna.

The new show will be produced by Warner Bros., and executive produced by Judge, McKenna, and Michael Chernin.

‘In this universe, you don’t have to go through puberty to be a kid, or to have an interest in science and technology,’ McKenna told MTV News.

‘You can be any age, and still be an adult.’

This new series, like all of the Pawn Stars stories, is about finding the magic in the little moments that define who you are.

We’re talking about love, friendship, and learning about the human condition.

And we’re also exploring the possibility of becoming a hero for kids by learning how to use the internet, and making things out of nothing,’ McKenna said.

‘And we’re going to explore this through the prism of the internet and the way we’re using it to do our own research, through social media, to connect with people in different parts of the world.

‘We are looking to bring that same energy and energy of discovery and exploration to this new universe, and to help kids realize their potential, and find that magic in every moment.’

We’re very excited about this opportunity to explore the world and the characters and explore the possibilities and the mysteries that surround us.

‘This is really a celebration of the kids, but it’s also a celebration for our creator, Mike Judge, who has created a show that is as timeless as it is fun.

It’s like the Paws, but with kids.

‘Our show has become a global phenomenon, and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity in this new world.’

Pawn stars Michael Cera and Michael Sheen have already been cast for the series, and McKenna is working with Michael Sheen to get a pilot script up for the pilot season.

‘Michael Sheen has done so much for the children in this country and around the world,’ McKenna explained.

‘He is an amazing person to work with, and he is incredibly talented at this show, and I’m very excited to be working with him to bring this world of Paw Patrol to life.’

‘Preston and the Pairs’ is also a continuation of Judge’s hit sitcom, ‘The Young and the Restless,’ which premiered in 2011 and was a hit for MTV.

The series has since been renewed for a second season.

Pawn is also developing a spin on the classic ‘Pets,’ a TV series from NBC in which an animal becomes a family with its owners.

The pilot for ‘Pete’s Paws’ is set to debut this summer on NBC.

‘I’m looking forward to putting this new spin on a show I’m so excited about,’ McKenna added.

‘The Pawn team is super excited about bringing Pawn to life.

We know this is going to be so much fun.

We’ve already been talking about the show, so we can’t wait to get started.

We can’t get excited about anything!’MTV News is now on Facebook.

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