What you need to know about effective communication disorder

In the wake of the devastating attacks in Paris and the United States, a new condition, effective communication disorders (ECDs), has emerged in the West.These disorders can include repetitive and/or compulsive behaviors and are often associated with anxiety, social isolation, self-medication, substance abuse, and psychiatric illness.According to a recent survey, more than 30% of Americans […]

How to talk about women in football

Football magazine, the official journal of the English Premier League, has a special article for all you nonverbal communication enthusiasts.The piece is titled, How to say yes to a woman in the face of a challenge and why you should always take her back when she asks for it.The author explains that when a woman […]

Why does the blue ridge communications network have a low response rate

Blue Ridge Communications, one of the nation’s most successful communications networks, has recently come under fire after a study revealed that the network had a failure rate of just 7%.This figure is very low compared to the other major communications networks that are often cited as the best in the world, such as the US […]

How the US’s biggest telecoms companies used their dominant position to block access to the internet

CNN (CNN)  – The US telecoms industry has become the largest single source of digital censorship in the world, according to a report from the digital rights group Access Now. Access Now found that in 2014, US-based telecommunications companies blocked access to some 7.5 billion websites in the United States, and blocked access in the majority of […]

How to tell if you’re being listened to by a celebrity or not

As we all know, the word “influence” has become a hot button issue with celebrities and their audiences.But do they really have that much sway over our conversations?We asked a few experts to answer some of our questions on this topic, and the answers have been fascinating.Read MoreInfluence is not a word we usually associate […]

Comcast says it is cutting 6,000 jobs at its cable, phone and internet businesses

Comcast is cutting thousands of jobs at several of its cable and phone businesses as it tries to cut costs and fend off competitors.The company’s chief financial officer, Gary Bresch, said Tuesday in a memo to employees that the layoffs were “an opportunity for us to accelerate our focus on business growth and transform our […]

When can we get an email message sent to my doctor’s office?

What if you want to know what your doctor’s email address and phone number are?We’ll be talking to you soon, says a new medical device that helps you get notified of any emails sent to your doctor or the medical office you’re visiting.The “email communication plan” (ICP) is a mobile device that connects to your […]

Which Internet provider does the FCC seek to regulate?

The FCC is in the process of regulating Internet service providers that are providing data services to cable and phone companies.It is also weighing a proposal to impose a net neutrality rule that would prevent broadband providers from favoring or discriminating against any website or service.In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the FCC […]

The Nuance Communication Device is the first truly universal communication device, the world’s first smart speaker, and a first-of-its-kind speaker for mobile phones and tablets that can deliver high-quality audio quality to any device without the need for any external speakers.

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