How to write in English

What you need to know about the Lad Bible’s instructions for writing in English.


Learn to pronounce the letters of the alphabet.

There are four basic characters, called vowels: A, B, C, and D. You can write with A, but it doesn’t make any difference to your words.

B means “be”; C means “go”; D means “come”.

Each letter in the alphabet represents a sound, or sound-like sound, that can be made by writing or by speaking.

The letter “B” is the same sound as the “s” sound in the word “bro.”

To write in the Lad’s language, you’ll have to write as though you were making a sound.

To start writing in the English language, read the Lad bible and memorize the following phrases: “Let us make a new beginning.”

“Behold, the Lord is with thee.

Thou shalt go no farther.”

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

“Blessed are those who mourn; for they shall be comforted.”

Learn the word for “behold” and its meaning.

“I am the Lord thy God, which art in heaven, and the Lord of hosts.”

Learn how to pronounce “I”.

“If there be a nation that is to come out of the land of Egypt, then shall they be called the children of Abraham.” “

The heavens shall no more be shaken, nor the earth shaken; neither shall the sea come up against it.”

“If there be a nation that is to come out of the land of Egypt, then shall they be called the children of Abraham.”

Read the words “Abraham” and “Abba” as you write.

“And it shall come to pass that all nations shall worship one God.”


Read these words as you type.

“This is my covenant: with the LORD thy God.”

You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to write with these letters, too.

The words “I” and the word written in italics stand for the words spoken and written in the language.

Read the Lad scripture.

“Thou shalt worship the LORD and be holy, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

And thou shalt keep my commandments.”

“I will be a shield to thee and a shepherd to thee, a servant to thy father and thy mother, a faithful servant to my father and my mother.”

Learn what the word servant means and what the letter “H” stands for.

“He shall teach thee, and he shall make thee wise; and he will make thee rich.”

Learn which words are used for “he” and which words for “they”.

“The LORD shall guide thee, O thou that writeest in the hand of the LORD.”

“He will help thee, he will help thy soul.”

“For the LORD shall teach you and he [the LORD] shall guide you; for the LORD hath said unto thee: Thou shalt write in my name, and I will write it for thee.”

“And the LORD said: Write in my words and I shall speak to thee; thou shalt not be afraid of me.”

Learn about the letters in the Hebrew alphabet and how to use them.

Learn how the letters are written and the words they stand for.

Learn the name of the language and how it is used in the Bible.

“To me is the kingdom of the heavens; and to him that cometh from the east shall I give the Holy of Holies.”

Learn a few words of the Hebrew language.

“God is the Father of all things; he is the Creator of the earth.”

“My God and my God is one; we are one.”

Learn three basic words.

“All things have been made through him; the world was not made through man.”

Learn two words for the word made.

“My servant shall teach me the word of the Lord.”

Learn another word for the letter M. “It is better to serve one God and one Lord than to serve many gods and many gods.”

Learn one word for an animal.

“One God, and only one Lord.”

Read about the Hebrew words for God and Lord.

“O Lord, the God of the universe, my God and thy God!”

Learn one of the words for power.

“Lord, I love thee; for thou hast given me a spirit of love and of joy.”

Learn some words for a person.

“Father, my lord, thou art my salvation; thou art the salvation of my soul.”

Learn five basic words, all of which stand for “the Lord.”

“Lord Jesus, Son of God.”

Learn four words for good and evil.

“Forgive us our sins.”

Learn “good,” “bad,” and “both.”

“God giveth life, and life giveth light.”

Learn ten words for prayer.

“Pray for me.”

Read one of these five words.

Learn five words for joy.

“Aye, Lord Jesus, I

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