How to tell if your workplace is a place for you

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The headline says it all, and it’s an absolute gem of a headline.

“A place where you can be yourself.”

It sounds like a slogan for a social experiment, but what if it’s a metaphor for something else?

That’s what writer Rebecca Seng says when she asks the same question of her coworkers.

“When I first started working for [my boss], I realised that I wasn’t doing it for the money,” she says.

“I wanted to feel connected to my colleagues, and I wanted to be part of that.”

And what she found was that the workplace is an amazing place to find a place where people feel connected.

“It was a really powerful moment for me,” she adds.

“Because I had realised how much work was being done for me by the company, and how much it was costing me.

I felt like I had to do something, and this was the perfect opportunity.”

So she wrote an email to her colleagues, inviting them to participate in a small experiment, to find out what their favourite place to work is.

“This is a very simple idea,” she explains.

But I wanted everyone to get the same idea: you should work anywhere, and work anywhere that is comfortable.” “

Some have more open spaces and some have more closed spaces.

But I wanted everyone to get the same idea: you should work anywhere, and work anywhere that is comfortable.”

What Seng’s experiment showed her is that a lot of work isn’t being done at all in these closed spaces, and in fact, many people would rather spend their time with their family.

“That was the first thing that came to my mind,” she continues.

“How would I feel if I spent all my time in one place?

That was the thing that really struck me.”

So Seng set up an experiment to see how people felt about their workplaces and their friends, and what it looked like.

The results were pretty startling.

The experiment revealed that when people were offered the option of working in one of three types of spaces: a closed space, an open space, or a combination of the two, they were less likely to feel comfortable with it than people who were offered one of the options.

“One of the biggest things that was surprising to me was that people who felt that they could work anywhere were actually more likely to choose an open-space environment than a closed one,” Seng tells us.

“They were more likely than those who were told that they couldn’t work in a closed environment.”

It’s important to note that Seng only found that there were more open-minded people in a group who were given the option to work in an open environment than people in one group that was told they couldn

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