How to spot a fake news story on the web

CBC News is using a new tool to identify fake news on the internet.

The website Map Communications says it has identified a staggering number of fake news stories.

It says it’s one of many ways the internet is being used to spread misinformation and propaganda.

“The internet is a powerful tool to spread false news,” said Map Communications executive director Dan Stessel.

“Fake news is a product of misinformation, and it is used to propagate misinformation and to mislead.”

Stessel said it’s easy to see what lies in a fake story and how to spot them.

“We have seen some stories that we have flagged as fake, and we are using a tool to flag them as fake,” he said.

Stessel says Map Communications was approached by a person who was looking to peddle fake news.

He says the person contacted him with a fake article about a student who had died in a car crash.

He said the article made no reference to the student and had no evidence.

Stesssel said he did not want to be identified, but he did confirm that the person in the fake article told him he would be getting paid.

The person was able to get a number of other stories to circulate on social media, and Stessel and his team began checking out those stories and other online content.

“There’s a lot of content that is spread by bots on social networks that has the same kind of content,” he explained.

“That content is then used by people to create content, to disseminate misinformation.”

He said it was difficult to determine exactly how many of those stories were actually fake, but that the site had seen over 100.

Stress says the problem is spreading misinformation online is “deeply rooted” in the internet, and the tools are needed to identify it.

“It’s an issue that’s really getting attention.

It’s not something that we’re just looking at,” he added.

Stentssel said the site also has been approached by people looking to sell fake stories on social platforms.

“If you’re selling a fake piece of content on Facebook, you’re going to sell a lot more fake content than if you’re promoting the real thing,” he noted.

He also said Map is investigating how many fake stories are being spread on Twitter and other social media platforms.

He confirmed there was a spike in the number of stories being posted by accounts with links to fake news sites, but said the numbers were still low.

“People are really starting to look at that and asking questions,” he acknowledged.

The site says it also has flagged fake news from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google News and a number other websites.

“In the past we’ve been alerted to fake accounts on Facebook and we’ve removed them,” he continued.

“They’re not just being published by bots. “

They’re being published with malicious intent.” “

They’re not just being published by bots.

They’re being published with malicious intent.”

The company says it is working with the RCMP to investigate.

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