How to join the ranks of a media mogul and join the digital revolution

NEW DELHI: In a year that saw the birth of a new breed of media mogul, a new wave of Indian media giants are joining the digital age, with some taking to the skies and others moving their operations from offices to remote locations.

Here are the top stories from across India in 2018 and beyond, according to RTE.1.

News24 – India’s most watched news website has launched an initiative to increase digital engagement and build a digital ecosystem for news.

This includes an online portal and social network.2.

News India – News24, which is owned by News Corp, launched a social media platform in January and is now also providing live feeds of news events in its 24×7 digital edition.3.

News18 – News18, which was launched by NDTV, has become India’s number one news site and is valued at over Rs 1,000 crore, up from a valuation of less than Rs 90 crore two years ago.4.

News17 – News17 is India’s first digital news channel, with a Facebook page and an online app.

It is part of News24 and News18.5.

News8 – News8 is the largest news aggregator in India with a platform that covers news and events in the country, including the 2019 Delhi Commonwealth Games.6.

News21 – News21, owned by the Indian conglomerate Bharti Airtel, launched in January 2018, with coverage of Indian politics, sports, business and entertainment.7.

The Times of India – The Times, which owns The Hindu, has expanded to 60 national languages, with an online newspaper, digital channel and online platform.8.

News20 – News20, a portal for news, entertainment, and lifestyle, is now available in all 50 states.9.

Hindustan Times – Hindustantimes, owned jointly by Times Group, has been expanding its news platform, with the publication of several national languages including English, Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati.10.

News4 – News4 is the leading news channel in India and the largest online newspaper in India.

It has a global reach and reaches millions of people around the world through its mobile app.11.

News7 – News7, which has been launched in March 2018, covers sports and entertainment in India, with reports from the sports world, including cricket, tennis, golf and football.12.

News2 – News2, owned and operated by TimesNow, is the world’s leading English-language digital media platform, and is the first Indian company to enter the global digital content business.13.

NDTV News – NewsNow, owned on a partially-cash basis by Viacom, is a national TV channel in the U.S., the first news channel to be acquired by the company in its history.14.

News16 – News16 is the national news portal in India that covers politics, business, sports and lifestyle.15.

ND News – ND News is the Indian-language news portal that covers all aspects of news in India from business and the media.16.

NDtv – News Now, the leading Indian news portal, is India and U.K.-based.17.

Hind News – Hind News is India-based news portal with a global coverage.18.

The Indian Express – The Indian News portal, which recently launched in the UK, provides global news and current affairs coverage.19.

The Hindustani Times – The Hinducntan Times is the international English- and Hindi-language newspaper, covering the world in the 21st century.20.

ND2 News – The ND2 news portal is a new digital newspaper in the Indian media, covering a wide range of news.21.

NDNews – NDNews is a digital portal for the Indian diaspora and is part and parcel of NDTV.22.

Newsday – Newsday is the fastest growing news portal across the world with more than 100 million monthly readers and more than 1.5 million daily page views.23.

ND24 – ND24, an all-India newspaper with English-speaking newsrooms in the three main cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, is part-owned by ND TV and Newsday.24.

News Nation – News Nation, a platform for digital media, has grown to a global audience of more than 80 million, with nearly 100 million people subscribing.25.

News5 – News5 is a daily news aggregating service with a wide audience across the globe.26.

News19 – News19 is a platform of global news that is a key component of News Corp’s digital media empire.27.

ND3 News – New Delhi-based ND3News, a digital news platform for news consumption, covers the entire globe.28.

ND9 – News9 is a global news portal of India and India-wide with the latest news, weather and entertainment content.29. ND15 –

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