How RSS ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ led by ‘sarva sahib’ changed the past in India

By Deepak GoyalThe Bharatiya Junata Party (BJP) has lost control of the Bharatiyat on the ground of the caste, according to new research.BJP leader and former Union minister Pramod Mahajan told a conference in New Delhi on Sunday that RSS has been instrumental in making it possible for the BJP to take power and become the first political party in the country to win back power in the Northeast and Southeast.

“When we talk about caste, the RSS has always played a pivotal role,” he said.

“In the last five years, RSS has led a movement to turn the country into a ‘classless’ society.

It has also helped the BJP in gaining power.”

In the decades since independence, the ruling party has been accused of a number of atrocities against minorities, including forcibly converting Dalits to Christianity, the annihilation of their temples and the systematic slaughter of Hindus.

In the current election campaign, the BJP has taken a hard line against RSS and has blamed the organisation for a number the alleged atrocities against the Dalits.

Mahajamans remarks come a week after the Bharat Ratna, the national anthem and the state seal were removed from the temple in the city of Calcutta in response to a Supreme Court order.

The Hindu has reported on the RSS-led movement to change the past and the history of the state of Jharkhand.

The report said that RSS leader Ramakrishna Rajapaksa was instrumental in the RSS’s drive to convert Hindus to Christianity.

It said Rajapakas RSS unit was led by Rajesh Mishra and he led the “sarvas sahib” (Sarsarva Sanyal) movement.

It also said that Mishra’s followers had also been instrumental to the RSSs “sabha pradesh” (purification drive) to bring about a change in the political landscape.