Facebook to start offering live TV shows, podcast, and more in its mobile app

TechCrunch – Facebook is launching an app that allows users to watch live TV and podcasts in their Facebook Messenger app, which it has been working on for months.

The Facebook app is available to users on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android, and is expected to launch on the iOS App Store in the coming weeks.

“We’ve always wanted to bring more people together with Facebook in the future, and we’re excited to bring that experience to our mobile app,” Facebook CTO Tom Vos said in a blog post.

“You can watch live and recorded TV and live podcasts right in the Messenger app.

We’ve also made it easier for people to create their own events and make them available to all.”

The Facebook Messenger application will offer more features for those with mobile phones, including live broadcasts, and it will allow users to create event schedules, such as live music shows, movies, and sports games.

It will also let users schedule and view live events through their calendar.

“As we continue to expand our platform, we’ll be adding new services to make it easier to bring people together and share their interests,” Vos added.

“There’s nothing more powerful than connecting people through Facebook and bringing them together for a shared experience.”

The app will also make it easy to stream music to a phone and connect it to a computer.

It also features a “Live Events” section, which will allow people to view the latest live events, like concerts and music festivals, and they can also create a schedule for the upcoming event.

“Live Events will allow us to show you the latest news, video, and photos from all of your friends,” the app description reads.

“In addition to being great for viewing live events on your mobile phone, Live Events will be great for sharing photos and videos.”

The Live Events section will also allow people “to get in touch with friends from all over the world,” and the app will let them “tag” them and invite them to the event, where they can “tag along” and watch live.

Users can also “tag friends in the Live Events to make them a part of the conversation.”

Facebook Messenger is also working on a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that will allow for “group conversations” and allow for groups of people to interact with one another.

The company said in October that it had plans to release the Facebook app in the “coming months.”

“Facebook is a great platform to get more people in touch, connect, and have more conversations, and the opportunity to show off what you’re doing in real time on Facebook is great for everyone,” Facebook said in that announcement.

“The ability to share your live events is the best way to show people what you’ve been doing and share your ideas, so we’re making it easier and more powerful to get the most out of your Facebook friends.”

Facebook launched the Facebook Messenger App last year, but it has struggled to gain traction in the US.

In April, it reported that it lost nearly $1 billion in revenue from its Messenger app in a quarter.

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