Canadians are still being told that a new study says there’s nothing wrong with watching TV and it’s all a good thing

Posted October 12, 2019 08:18:06While a new survey shows a majority of Canadians are still saying watching TV isn’t as bad as it used to be, a new poll suggests that people still aren’t convinced it’s bad for their health.

A new Angus Reid survey found that people are still overwhelmingly believing that TV viewing is good for them and don’t want to change their behaviour.

And it seems Canadians are also more skeptical than ever about the science behind the TV viewing craze.

“It’s definitely something we can talk about and debate about and there are still lots of unanswered questions around TV viewing,” said Angus Reid senior vice-president and head of Angus Reid Research, Rick Roth.

He says the poll was conducted in April and May.

“The idea of a TV show and the idea of having a show, that we’re not having those things anymore.

People are still very much having those experiences.”

There’s still a lot of uncertainty around the science around TV, and there’s a lot more uncertainty around it than it used a year ago.

“Roth says the survey found people still believe that watching TV is good and it could be good for your health, but they also don’t agree on whether watching TV can be good or bad for your overall health.”

If we could find a way to talk about those things, there’s room to discuss them and have an open dialogue,” he said.

The survey also asked people about the quality of their jobs, how much they’re paying for healthcare, and how much money they’re saving for retirement.”

I don’t think it’s a new thing, people have been telling me about it for years,” said Roth.”

What we’re seeing is a little bit of a disconnect, where people are not seeing the positive, positive, beneficial aspects of the TV experience, but rather the negative, negative, harmful aspects of that experience.

“The survey asked people if they thought TV viewing could be beneficial to their health and whether they felt they had enough money for healthcare and retirement.

More than half of Canadians said watching TV was a good or very good thing for their body, and almost one in three said it was a very good or good thing.”

We’re seeing a lot less people saying that it’s not good for their overall health,” said Ralph Goodyear, chief executive of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.”

Some of it is because we’ve changed our ways, we’ve moved away from the TV model, we’re trying to shift from the traditional television network model to the Internet model.

“He says it is also unclear whether people are actually seeing a difference in health when they watch TV.”

A lot of it’s still going to be about what’s in front of us, and that is about how much we consume, how many channels we have access to, what we’re exposed to, and what time of day,” said Goodyear.”

And that’s not necessarily the same thing for everyone.

“Goodyear says that, when it comes to television, people are starting to get more comfortable with the concept of the “trend.””

There is this kind of expectation that if you watch TV, you’re going to have a healthy lifestyle, that you’re getting more of the things that you want in your diet and more of your exercise,” he added.

Goodyear said he is hopeful the findings will lead to changes.”TV is such a popular thing, it’s very easy to get caught up in the TV thing, and I think there’s really good science to back it up, and it just comes down to how much you watch,” he explained.”

That is really, really important.

“The Angus Reid Institute is a national, not-for-profit, non-partisan public policy research organization established in 1988.

The Institute’s key research areas are issues relating to health care and society, including issues of inequality and democracy, economic issues, immigration, politics, information and communication technology, and gender, age and politics.

The Institute’s data are regularly used by the media and other interested parties to inform policy debates and inform public debate.

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