A former Google employee accused of trying to sell a fake news story on behalf of Hillary Clinton is facing criminal charges, The Washington Post reports.Michael Schmidt, a Google employee who worked on the search engine’s mobile platform, was arrested in the U.K. on Tuesday and charged with conspiracy to defraud. The former Google engineer is accused of “waging an illegal campaign to mislead consumers,” according to the Post. Schmidt is also accused of falsely claiming to be a Google executive in a tweet that was retweeted more than 400,000 times. He also allegedly attempted to use a fake LinkedIn account to send fake emails to other Google employees and other individuals in a bid to sell fake news stories.The Post reports that Schmidt and a partner at Google, Ben Withers, were in the United Kingdom in May to meet with an undercover police officer who asked them if they could contact someone who could offer information about a company called Google Analytics. The police officer was undercover and contacted Schmidt in the hopes that Schmidt would sell his business and help him evade authorities. The undercover police agent also asked Schmidt to write down a list of information on Google employees that he thought would be useful to the undercover police. The Post reported that Schmidt did so and told the undercover officer he could use the information for a personal marketing project. The

says Schmidt’s partner at the time was also arrested and charged.

Withers was also a Google engineer and, according to The Washington Times, was in the company’s internal data collection program for about a year.

He is accused in the criminal complaint of selling a fake Google Analytics report to a former employee and a former Google user.

Wethers was arrested at a Google office in London and has been charged with two counts of conspiring to defile a person or thing.

He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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