When did the new Android app start taking advantage of the new features in the Google Assistant?

A new Android application that allows users to use Google Assistant features is now available to users of Google’s Android mobile operating system.The app, called Google Assistant, was developed by the company’s assistant app team, and is the latest effort from the company to try to compete with Apple’s Siri.Google Assistant has always been a […]

Which team is your favourite to win the World Cup in 2018?

With only one World Cup final left to be played, there’s been plenty of talk about the future of the tournament, with each nation set to play their final game on Friday.So how does the tournament stack up against the other major international tournaments?BBC Sport takes a look at which nations are favourites to win […]

Transactional communications: What’s the science?

Transactual communications are an emerging new category of communications that rely on a central data channel that allows for the transmission of data across a network of devices, usually smartphones, to be sent and received.These devices are often connected to one another via wireless or wired networks.As a result, transactional information is usually sent across […]

How to communicate in healthcare and in the US media

On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finalized rules that will make it easier for individuals and organizations to share their medical records with third parties, and will permit individuals to request copies of their medical information.The rules, which will be enforced starting next year, were created to improve patient privacy, but the FCC has […]

‘Parenthood’: Is ‘Parks and Recreation’ getting a spin-off?

MTV News has exclusively learned that ‘Pawn Stars’ creator Mike Judge is working on a spinoff series that would revolve around the kids of ‘Paw Patrol’.According to the insider, the new series will star a younger version of Pawn Star’s character, and feature an ensemble cast of the show’s characters.‘Parry Stars’ is a sitcom written […]

Iridium Communications: How it works, how it works well, and why it’s so valuable

By now, you probably know Iridium has its own broadband infrastructure, called Iridium NEXT, which offers broadband access to the world.And you might also have heard of its new communication satellites, Iridium Satellites, which can transmit data and provide voice calls in space.Iridium Satellite Communications, Inc., or Iridium, is a publicly traded company.The company is […]

How to tell if your phone is getting a signal

The FCC has just updated its guidance for the use of “high-power” antennas in public Wi-Fi networks.The FCC says these antennas, which use higher power to transmit data at a higher frequency, are not allowed in public areas.The rules do allow use of these antennas for emergency communication, though.In a nutshell, this means you can […]

Study: ‘I want to see’ if patients can get through surgery without having aneurysm study

A study of more than 6,000 patients has found that the vast majority of them can successfully manage a potentially fatal aneurymic injury.The study, published in the American Journal of Surgery, found that more than 80% of patients who had a complete surgical repair could return to work within one to two years, even though […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about Social Media, Emotions, and More

How to talk to your kids about social media, emotions, and more.In an age where everyone is connected and connected to every person on the planet, the importance of communication to kids has always been paramount.When we talk to kids, we have a chance to teach them to communicate, to understand, and to understand others […]