Why I am going to charter a communication system for the Arab world

In a few short months, a group of young people are going to create the first global communication system, the charter communications.I spoke to the founders, including a former Israeli police officer and a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency, to find out more.The charter communications will be designed to help Palestinians live in […]

How charter-commissioned satellite communications companies can thrive in new regulatory environment

By STEVE SINOLIA The Associated Press – NASHVILLE (AP) Charter Communications Inc. has hired a former FCC official to lead its bid to become a satellite communications company.Charter’s bid to join the satellite communications market will be debated by a Federal Communications Commission panel that will decide how to proceed.The FCC said the board will […]

Why Google’s Android platform isn’t quite as popular as it used to be

Posted October 13, 2018 05:04:01 Google’s core Android platform is seeing a massive growth in usage, and it is the first time it has seen a growth in popularity over the past two years.Google has also been adding support for a number of new mobile platforms in recent months, with the addition of the upcoming […]

How to communicate more in social media

In the early days of the internet, the only way to find out if someone was being nice was to look at their profile, or follow their feed.Now, thanks to social media’s ability to send messages, we’re able to see the conversation happening in real time.In a recent article on the evolution of human social […]

How can you get more creative in communication style quiz?

When it comes to communicating, you may have to start somewhere.A new quiz that quizzes people on how to communicate in a variety of ways may help you sharpen your skills, and could be just the thing to keep you up-to-date on the latest in communication.The online communication style challenge (CQB) is an interactive video […]

How to handle your calls, texts and emails during Hurricane Florence

Posted October 09, 2018 07:30:54A week after Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas and devastated much of the Southeast, the country is still recovering.The first 100 days of 2018 were the worst for the nation, with an average of 1,000 deaths a day.The government is already calling on businesses to reduce staff and prepare for the […]

How to talk to an eagle with a chip in its eye

In a recent paper in the journal Science, scientists have developed a way to record the electrical activity of a single animal using radio-frequency identification chips.The method uses an infrared sensor that emits infrared light.The chip emits a radio frequency, which can be picked up by the animal’s hearing, nose and eyes, and can be […]

When the internet of things fails, what will it mean for our jobs?

In an era of increasing automation, we’re likely to see the end of a lot of jobs, writes lsc communication news editor Jonathan Chait.This is partly because our world is becoming increasingly digital-based, but also because our ability to connect in real time to other humans and machines is increasingly important.We are becoming increasingly interconnected, […]

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